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We are a family business dedicated to the production, marketing and export of tropical fruits from Costa Rica, we form a working group based on quality, responsibility and continuous improvement in our products. In addition, we commercialize and export products also of tropical fresh fruits and processed as IQF, canned and packaged in different presentations.
We have a professional and specialized work team in different areas and together with a sales force we develop our product and ensure the quality of our work under quality certifications and audits.

We offer an exclusive service of product presentations according to the needs of our clients' markets


Created in 2000 in Costa Rica, with the name of GUANTES DE ORO S.A. is a family business oriented to produce, provide services, market and export fresh tropical fruits from Costa Rica.
Over the years we have incorporated new lines of high quality products and services with the aim of providing our clients with the best fresh and processed fruits of our land. We have an excellent human group which is permanently trained in order to be updated in the changes and technological innovations that are presented in our field.